Android Virtual Reality Development Services

Virtual reality is an experience in itself where the virtual becomes real. For example, with VR, you can experience movies rather than just watching them. With the growing popularity of virtual reality, different manufacturers have launched VR headsets in the market, each with its own special features.

However, no matter how cool your VR device is, it can be enjoyed to its full potential only if you have the right content, which is, unfortunately, not easy to find. That’s why, in this post, I am showcasing the Android apps to give you the best content so you can thoroughly enjoy your virtual reality device.

The popularity within the market is due, in part, to the integration of this type of content on platforms such as YouTube and the video game industry. As PS4 already has more than one million virtual reality glasses sold, its Latest Virtual Reality Apps that has been a great success in sales with more than 200 games in the catalog, new peripherals such as VR Aim Controller and the first promotions and discounts that have begun to appear.

Android VR Development Services

We have developed a VR based applications for different business verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Marketing, Customer Service, and Engineering. Appinventiv is a full-stack Android VR development company that provides satisfactory services through the app development lifecycle. We identify your target market, explore possible app ideas, design life-like app prototypes, develop an intuitive app using cutting-edge tools, launch and maintain your app.

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  • VR-based game development services
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  • VR app support and maintenance

InMind VR

InMind VR is one of the best virtual reality applications available in the Google Play Store, as in this game you will travel through the neural network of the brain in search of parasites that must be eliminated with our help. The graphics are simple, but very well executed, and complement in a brilliant way, so that we can get and feel a fantastic and realistic environment. Possibly this in the near future will be a reality, and surgeons can easily interact in this way when performing operations.

Star Wars VR

Star Wars is one of the most popular film series of all time, and it was inevitable that it would eventually make its way on to our smartphones. This app is more than just a Google Cardboard tie-in, offering all kinds of Star Wars goodies for those that download it!

For Cardboard users, open the app and tap on ‘Jakku Spy’ to fire up a selection of short virtual reality films. Tap on a chapter to watch it in an immersive, virtual environment and enjoy being ‘inside’ a Star Wars story!

The graphics are attractive and there are quite a few videos to enjoy in the VR series – although each video is quite brief, so you may want to rewatch a couple. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and enjoyed the new film, you’re sure to love Star Wars VR!

Netflix VR

Did you know that Netflix, your favorite streamer, also supports VR and has done for so quite some time now? In fact, it was among the first ones to adopt VR for Android. The Netflix VR app allows the users to watch content using major VR headsets, such as Daydream, Cardboard, and Oculus Games. To give you a little overview, there are two viewing modes here – the first one of a living room giving you a view of all your media and the second immersing you into the content. While there is no VR-specific content so far, you would be able to watch the other content in VR. Do note 3D is not included here. It is expected that once VR becomes more common, Netflix will add VR-specific content to its catalog.

Jurassic VR

Jurassic VR puts you in a virtual world populated by dinosaurs, in which you can walk around and explore the landscape. It’s a simple app that shows off how well 3D can work in Google Cardboard and similar devices – and is ideal for anyone who wants to live out a Jurassic Park fantasy!

There are no buttons to use in Jurassic VR: simply look in the direction you’d like to walk in, and your character will walk slowly in that direction. And I do mean slowly! It’s more of a snail’s pace – but the dinosaurs you’ll encounter move much faster. Indeed, things can get pretty tense when you turn your head and see a raptor running towards you in the corner of your eye – although, in this game, the dinosaurs are harmless.


If you have a Google Cardboard headset, you should install this application since it will let you set that up correctly. Google made two VR apps for Android users, and this is one of them. It is straightforward to use, and there is nothing complicated to spend time to understand anything. You need Android 4.4 or later versions to download this application on your Android mobile.


As mentioned, Google has two official virtual reality apps. The first one is Google Cardboard and the second one is Daydream. This is an upgraded version of Cardboard as it lets you find VR enabled content quickly. You can see videos, use VR-supported apps, and so on. However, you must have a Google Daydream capable Android smartphone such as Google Pixel 2 and later version, Samsung Galaxy S8 and later version, the Galaxy Note 8 and later version, LG V30, etc. If you are ready to install this app, make sure that you have Android 7.0 or later version.

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