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About the Videos

The Move to Learn videos found here are intended for classroom use. Coach Calhoun leads each five-minute video, which is designed to help refresh your students’ minds through a controlled exercise break.

Select the appropriate grade level and either stream* or download the video!

Activities were reviewed by faculty in the Division of HPER in the College of Education at Delta State University.

*When streaming, be sure to expand the video to full screen.

While the current Move to Learn videos are specifically for grades K-6. We welcome your suggestions and feedback on future video planning for grades 7-12.

Downloading Instructions

The videos are FREE and can be downloaded in the Windows Media format or Apple QuickTime format. The downloaded file will be compressed and will need to be unzipped.

If you are having trouble downloading a video at school, try one of the following:

  1. Contact your school district’s IT director and ask for help downloading the videos.
  2. Download videos on a home computer and transfer files to a flash drive or burn them to a DVD.

If neither of these options work, please contact us to ask about receiving a Move to Learn DVD.**

**Unfortunately, we are only able to send DVDs to educators in Mississippi. In order for us to ship a DVD, you must provide your school’s mailing address.

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