Mississippians for Mississippi

Did you know that every aspect of Move to Learn has been created and developed by Mississippians? Here are just a few facts.

  • The videos are all filmed by a Mississippi-based production company at real Mississippi schools.
  • The Move to Learn music is all written and recorded by Mississippi-based musicians.
  • The website and promotional material was created and developed by a Mississippi-based marketing firm.
  • The coaches are real coaches in Mississippi schools, and the students featured in videos are all from the school districts selected for filming.

The Bower Foundation

The Bower Foundation is focused on the development of strategies to improve the health of Mississippians. As a funder of important projects and initiatives throughout the state, a core priority is support for the development of healthy lifestyles for Mississippi children.

Visit The Bower Foundation website →

MDE Office of Healthy Schools

Part of the Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools (OHS) offers a system of coordinated school health services to Mississippi’s 147 school districts to assist them in developing organizations that make the connection between good student health and high academic achievement.

Visit MDE Office of Healthy Schools website →

Barksdale Reading Institute

Move To Learn is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Barksdale Reading Institute. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to improving Mississippi students’ pre-literacy and reading skills. And we thank them for providing linguistic technical assistance for our new Alphabet Sounds video for Pre-K children.

Visit the Barksdale Reading Institute website →