What are the experts saying?

Research Findings

Examining the Impact of Move to Learn among Third Grade Students in Mississippi Public Schools:

“Studies conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi examined the impact of Move to Learn among third grade students in Mississippi public schools. An initial evaluation of MTL explored the relationship between MTL and the duration of Time-on-Task (TOT) and the frequency of Time-on-Task Transitions (TOTT) among students. Changes in the design and procedures in a follow up study afforded greater opportunity to examine the direct impact of Move to Learn on both TOT and TOTT.” (PDF)

Two studies exploring the connection between fitness levels, academic achievement, attendance and discipline actions in Mississippi students:

“Associations between Health-Related Physical Fitness, Academic Achievement and Selected Academic Behaviors of Elementary and Middle School Students in the State of Mississippi.” (PDF)

“The Association between Fitness and School Test Scores, Attendance, and Discipline among Mississippi Students” (PDF)

In the News

Designed to Move – A Nike-initiated movement trying to understand the roots of inactivity, while working to spur collective action to end this problem.

“Exercise Before Class Improves Georgia Students’ Grades, Self-Esteem” – A short article from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focusing on the correlation between grades and exercise in Georgia students.